BananaKen Weighs In on Magneto’s DLC Costume Controversy, or Lack Thereof


Destructoid’s article, and consequently the one on SRK, is misleading. No one in the royal house of Spain has yet to complain about the MVC3 costume. The original source only states that people from the royal house will analyze the usage of Juan Carlo’s uniform, but for the moment they have not taken an official stance on it.

The last part coincides with what the SRK article mentions, but this:

“Magneto’s costume in Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3′s upcoming Ancient Warrior costume pack has raised a bit of controversy in Spain”

is incorrect. In addition, the actual controversy in regards to the usage of the uniform in the comic “The Pulse: House of M Special” was not as much depicting the costume in question as much as it was a copyright issue. As the original source states, the royal house criticized Marvel comics for copying the image of Juan Carlos: the background, his pose, AND his attire. The offending image was removed, but the uniform’s design was never removed from the comics, and as such eventually became one of the DLC costumes for Magneto in UMvC3.


Said costume:


~ by Philip Chotipradit on November 29, 2011.

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